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Project Description
Over the past several months, I've built some modifications to CommunityServer 2007 that enhance functionality in various ways. I've moved all the code for those changes into one project, and made the source code available to anyone that wants it.

Last Updated: 23 June 2007
Compatibility: CommunityServer 2007 SP2
  • Controls
    • NEW ProfileSubForm - Saves additional profile information during registration.
    • OpenSearchHeader - A server control that easily adds the site-wide OpenSearch handler to your header. (NOTE: Future versions of this control will add additional section-specific search options as well as the site-wide option.)
    • ReallySimpleDiscoveryHeader - A server control that easily adds the RSD handler to the header of every weblog.
  • Handlers
    • MetaWeblogHandler - Inherits from the built-in MetaWeblog handler and adds support for newMediaObject.
    • OpenSearchHandler - A compiled version of my OpenSearchHandler (still only site-wide, not yet working for individual blogs).
    • ReallySimpleDiscoveryHandler - Aids Windows Live Writer in autodiscovering your CS MetaWeblog API settings.
  • HttpModules
    • DeletedBlogModule - Redirects users that try to access deleted blogs to a more helpful error message.
    • DomainRewriteModule - Redirects requests from one domain to another. Useful when you've changed your CS site's domain name.
  • Jobs
    • RecycleBinJob - Empties the cspostsdeleted_archive table (your CS Recycle Bin) at a given interval.
    • ReferrerCleanerJob - Cleans out post referrals from search engines and social networks at a given interval.
    • BanSpammersJob - Adds known blog spammers to the cs_BannedAddresses table so they can no longer spam your site.
  • Modules
    • SharingModule - An enhanced version of ScottW's ShareItModule that fixes some issues and supports images.

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